Weld Mount Industrial Kit w/AT-8040 Adhesive [7001] - 10X Marine

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Weld Mount

Weld Mount Industrial Kit w/AT-8040 Adhesive [7001]

Industrial Kit with AT-8040 Adhesive

This Kit Contains A Large Selection Of All The Common Weld Mount Parts And Is An Ideal Kit For Industrial Maintenance Shops. A Wide Selection Of Weld Mount Parts Are Supplied In A Heavy "Durham" Metal Box Which Is A Standard Rack Mounted System. The Kit Contains 1 Tubes Of Our AT-8040 No Slide Multi Bonder Acrylic Adhesive Which Will Bond To Almost All Surfaces Except Low Energy Plastics And Rubber. AT-8040 Will Hold Even Our Heaviest Parts On An Overhead Or Vertical Surface Without Fixturing. The Adhesive Sets in 12 Minutes And Is He...

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