StrikeMaster Lazer - 2-Piece Hand Auger - 6" [LD-6] - 10X Marine

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StrikeMaster Lazer - 2-Piece Hand Auger - 6" [LD-6]

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Lazer™ - 2-Piece Hand Auger - 6"

The snickering stops when someone brandishes a Lazer. A hand-auger, yes, but one with ninja skills and blades like Japanese throwing stars. In the right hands, the Lazer cuts to the quick, outpacing off-brand, bottom feeding hand-augers, even cheap gas-augers.

Includes: wing-bolt, blades and blade cover.


  • Cushioned, Ergonomically Designed Handles
  • Adjustable Handle: Adjusts from 48" - 57"
  • Breaks Down into Two Pieces for Transport and Storage<...
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