Furuno NX-300 Digital NavTex Receiver [NX300] - 10X Marine

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Furuno NX-300 Digital NavTex Receiver [NX300]

Furunos NX300 paperless Navtex receiver is the most economical way of monitoring navigational warnings, meteorological warnings, search and rescue information and other data for ships sailing within 200-400 n.m. of shore. Every incoming message is identified and new messages are read from the high-contrast 4.5" LCD display, no paper is required. However, you can print out the message via a PC.

The NX300 consists of the compact, waterproof display and an H-Field Loop antenna. You can also use the NX300 as a nav repeater, by using its NMEA0183 port to connect it to your GPS or DGP...

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