ACR 2831 GlobalFix V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 2 [2831] - 10X Marine

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ACR 2831 GlobalFix V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 2 [2831]

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2831 GlobalFix™ V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 2 

The GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB is a marine distress beacon with multiple built-in redundancies to increase your chances of survival in an emergency situation. The internal GPS will pin-point your location, which is transmitted on the 406 MHz distress signal which in the absence of GPS coordinates, can be used to triangulate your position. The beacons 121.5 MHz homing signal will bring local search and rescue forces directly to your position and the EPIRBs LED strobe light will allow them to visually locate your position i...

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